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A big day for my family

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Today was a big day for my family. I set my alarm at 4.50 this morning, got up and put on clothes and tried to put on make up so I wouldn't look tired. My mom called at 5.15 the first time to make sure everything with facetime worked. Today was the day of my little brothers daughters baptism. Since I wasn't able to be there this time we tried using facetime so I at least could see what was going on in the church. It worked great and I could see everything, the sound was not the best and I had a hard time hearing the songs and all the words but I got to see it all and that made me very happy. Also this was the first time in about 1,5 years I got to see many of my other relatives. Sometimes it's pretty hard to live on the other side of the world and not being able to see your family whenever you want. Anyway, I'm so grateful that it worked today and I got to be a part of the baptism.

Then during the morning and day I did some retouching. Still have a lot left but I'm working my way through. For a break we took a walk down the street and got something to drink. I had a smoothie and Daniel a juice. After half I ended up not liking it as much so we switched and ended up getting a little of both.


I also made the largest pot of vegetable soup this afternoon/evening. Turned out so good!