A long walk in Santa Monica and morning latte in bed

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We started our Wednesday with a long walk, almost down to the beach. The air is so fresh and it helps me to feel more awake. But, even though the weather is nice and you can walk in the early morning with only tights and a long sleeved top or t-shirt, I can't wait for the real summer to arrive. June is a tricky month here with gloomy days and clouds before noon, but in July the weather will be perfect.

When we got home I put on a pot of water and we did our french press coffee. I added some foamed milk to make a latte. Have some things to do before 2pm today and then I'm meeting with one of Kioskeds founder to take some photos for an article. Kiosked is a really cool company that works with advertisement. They started in Finland but are now global and has offices in many cool cities such as Los Angeles, Singapore, London and Tokyo and more.