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A Swedish festival in LA, Stockholm CA!

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Giving you all some festival "feeling"!

Ok, so for the first time ever there is going to be a Swedish festival in Los Angeles this October. I can't describe how excited I am for this! I've been a festival person since I was 14, going to all kinds of festivals in Sweden. Such as old Hultsfredsfestivalen, Sweden Rock Festival, S!ESTA and many more. Since I moved to LA I've only been to Coachella, because that's pretty much what they've had to offer. But now, Stockholm CA is doing their first time festival here in LA with some of my favorite Swedish artists. I love Otto Knows and Nause. But also, Veronica Maggio is awesome live on the stage. They're all amazing and I'm so happy that they are doing it here so I can go an sing my heart out! And I have to say, even though the artists are Swedish, most of them sing in English and everyone is welcome. Get your ticket here or check it out on Facebook! The more the merrier, everyone come together and share this experience!