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Abbot Kinney festival part. 1

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Today me and Daniel had a really calm and nice morning. I skipped my walk and stayed in bed for a little longer. Around noon we headed over to Abbot Kinney in Venice to take a look at Abbot Kinney festival, which is once a year. We were there last year as well and I what I can remember it was as crazy as last time. So many people all over the place, the stores bring out products on the streets and sell in tents, all restaurants are full of people and live bands in almost every corner. Anyway, even though it's pretty crazy it's a nice festival and fun to watch people. We walked up the street and back, got a oat milk latte that was really good. My eyes stopped at the enormous cookies, so American and fun! After about two hours we sat down at 3 Square Café and had some really good fries with lemon aioli. The fries had a mexican spice blend that made them taste so good. One of the best spiced fries I've ever had!