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Banana pancakes and 4th of July celebration

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This morning I made banana pancakes with brown rice flour and they tasted so good. We had them with some vanilla yoghurt and warm berries. So easy to make and pretty good for you, except that the yoghurt could have been better with some ingredients.

Yesterday we celebrated 4th of July with some friends and a poolparty in Brentwood. We had a BBQ, I had my own Whole Foods box with food, some good drinks and jello shots. We spend all day at the pool and an old childhood friend is here visiting with his friends and they joined our celebration. I hadn't seen him in five years so it was fun that they showed up. Later on the evening we headed to Rosti for some food with everyone. I had a delicious gluten free pasta with asparagus and hazelnuts. After the dinner we headed back to Brentwood and had some more drinks. When we got home we went to bed but after an hour of so I started to feel very sick and knew that I had some food that my body can't handle. I slept so bad and are so tired today because of that. Still feel a little sick but hope that it will pass during the day.