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Same routine this morning, up at 7am and walk. I've just had some cereal for breakfast and might have some coffee soon. Yesterday we made a lot of coffee and then we put the left over in ice cube trays so today I can make a perfekt iced latte without having it taste like water. A really good way of using the coffee. I also got the great idea of making latte popsicles. Perfect for these hot summer days, you want something cold and the heat makes you so tired so coffee is a great option to use or some caffeinated tea!


Today I have a pretty calm day, will probably go for a swim later. As I said before, during certain hours of the day you want to stay inside. The fire is still going on here and i cross my fingers that they will be able to get it out soon. So much land and animas have been harmed and large areas are still burning, both north and south of us.