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Circus party at Petit Ermitage

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Yesterday evening I went to a circus themed party with one of my closest friends at Petit Ermitage in West Hollywood. It was a really cool party with entertainment in every corner, incredible costumes and fantastic drinks. They also had an amazing magician who did a show in one of the hotel rooms. I got blown away, it was so cool and hard to understand how he did all the tricks. I was in the front and was picked to write my name on one of the cards, and then, somehow he managed to put his signature on the back of my card. He transferred it from a different card, and three of cloves and over to my card, king of diamonds. That was one of the highlights of the evening. My friend know so many people and she has many friends and also knew a lot of people at the party. This membership club/hotel is really cool and hosts a couple of parties every year. A large group of the people attending this party also goes to Burning Man every year which seems really cool as well.