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First time on two years

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So, about three weeks ago I travelled to Sweden. I haven't been "home" and seen my family for so long. It feels like the timing was perfect. My grandmother who I had a very close relationship with passed away just a few days ago. I got to see her before that happened and I think she felt like it was okay to move on once she got to see me one last time. It's been pretty hard since, as many of you know it's always hard when someone dies. There are things to take care of and many thoughts. Besides from that I'm having a great time in Sweden. I got to see my brothers daughter, who just turned 10 months old. I also got here just in time for my old soccer team reunion from when I played in Lönsboda. It was so much fun the see most of the team again. It's been more then 10 years since we played together.