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Friends birthday celebrations weekend

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This weekend we were really fully booked. A Saturday with birthday a celebration first on Manhattan beach. We spent a couple of hours there, had some nice drinks and snacks with the birthday girl and some friends. At first we thought the weather would make it cold but the clouds disappeared and we had a great day. In the afternoon we headed back home to change and then to the birthday party. They had made it nice and had so much great food and the cutest cake for Frida! We sang happy birthday in maybe 4 languages.. so much fun! Unfortunately we couldn't stay and go out with the rest. I had to get home to pack and prepare for a shoot I did on Sunday morning, early.

Sunday morning I went up way too early! Had some breakfast, packed the last couple of things and then headed to West Hollywood for the shoot. It all went great and everyone really did a good job! I was home at 11.30, had lunch and took a nap while transferring the photos to my hard drive.

During the late afternoon we went to another birthday party and celebrated Malin (my friend who made me blonde). She is such a great person and from the south of Sweden just like me. We didn't stay that long, I was so tried but we had a great time and met some new people. Both swedes and americans.

Today I have more then 1000 photos to go through, do selects and start to edit from the Sunday shoot. I'm pretty excited!