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Gender Equality Summit Event by SACC-LA

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Gudrun Giddings, President of SACC-LA during opening speech for the event.

Anna Serner, CEO of the Swedish Film Institute.

Panel with moderator Kristen, ED Women in Film, Gabrielle, CEO of SAG-AFTRA, Rina ED of Women in View Canada, Claire Producer/Agent Clare Best & Associates UK&US and Kate EVP International Production Australia.

Swedish panel with Anna Serner CEO Swedish Film Institute, Lisa Ohlin writer and director CEO Womsy AB, Baker Karim, director and filmmaker, Martin Persson EP Anagram.

Yesterday a really important event took place, the Gender Equality Summit. Questions and ideas of how to make the entertainment industry gender equal, 50/50 by 2020. Many speakers and 3 panels during the day, discussing the issues in the industry. It was so interesting listening to all these people, with so much experience, talk about this. I was so impressed by Anna Serner, the CEO of the Swedish Film Institute. After all the panels and guest speakers Gudrun Giddings the president of SACC-LA ended the event. Early evening some us the people were invited to continue the discussion and ask questions at the Elyx house in Hollywood. The organisation SWEA Los Angeles was one of the sponsors of the event and the president Minna got an opportunity to talk about the film scholarship SWEA Los Angeles hands out every year. A great scholarship to apply for if you are a Swedish citizen and have previous education within the industry.