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It's time for Christmas decorations!

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1. Container Here / 2. Star Here / 3. Cups Here / 4. Tray Here / 5. Stocking Here / 6. Adventsljusstake HÄR / 7. Skulptur HÄR / 8. Dekorationstomtar HÄR / 9. Julkulor HÄR / 10. Handduk HÄR
Contains adlinks. It's already December and soon Christmas. I'm the person who likes to decorate but not go crazy. We have a couple of houses in our neighborhood that are insane when it comes to decorating for the holidays. I'm going to walk past the houses some day and take photos to show you. But, decorating is important to help with the Christmas feeling when the weather is sunny and warm. These are some traditional decorations that I like. I love the container, cups and tray.