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Moods of Norway fashion show

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So sorry for the terrible update! I've been sick for almost a week and haven't had anything fun to tell you or the energy either. Today I feel pretty ok and have had a normal Friday.

Yesterday we decided, spontaneously, to go to Moods of Norways fashion show. They were running late so we had two shows before. The first one was pretty good, JC, a collection with a lot of metallic and cool pieces. Then Aqua Swim, wasn't really my style but ok. We got seats in on the left side of the runway and later, 1,5 hours to be more exact, Moods of Norway was showing their collection. The menswear was really Scandinavian and simple. I really liked it! Afterwards there were another show with dresses that were so cute and chic. We ended up going home instead of staying longer and watch more shows which was pretty nice. I was so tired and still a little under the weather so I felt like I needed to rest so I will get well for tomorrows festival.


Finally, Stockholm CA is happening. I'm super excited! There are still a few tickets left I think but most of them are sold out! Get tickets here if you haven't already!