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Sunday morning walk in hot sun

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We have a heat wave warning here in Los Angeles right now and yes, they are right. It's extremely hot and there is a huge fire in the mountains a couple of hours north of were we live. A large area of forest is burnt to the ground and many people are working to stop it.

We did our regular morning routine with a walk and it was so nice. When it get's this hot you don't want to go for a walk during the middle of the day and we try to get out no later then 8am. I'm gonna spend some hours by the pool today, or maybe even in the pool.

Yesterday was really nice and hot as well. The meeting was fun and we had an iced coffee in the shadow. I also tried some snorkeling in the pool but without the mouth piece. I haven't done it before and Daniel has a diving certificate so I want to learn how to snorkel and then maybe later, even learn how to dive. I think it's scary to be under the water but it was fine after a while yesterday.