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Tuesday, girls night dinner!

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Three girls at Mercado, eating, drinking, talking and laughing. That was my Tuesday evening here in Santa Monica. It was our first time at the restaurant so we did not know what to expect. First, the menu for someone who is a vegetarian is a little limited. They had a salad, two appetizers and one main dish that was vegetarian and were not open to changing any of the other dishes so it would work. I had lime and cilantro rice (a side dish) and farmers market vegetables (an appetizer). They both tasted good but I was really in the mood of trying something genuinely Mexican. My friends has "today's catch", sea bass with salsa and veggies and the other dish was scallops. Their dishes looked really good. For dessert we had their famous flan. Some kind of smooth creme brulee with a syrup and sauce. That one was sooo good! We had a great time and would recommend this place to non vegetarians!