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Walking the stairs again

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This morning we walked Santa Monica stairs, the first time this week. I really like walking there, it feels like my legs are getting a great workout. Even though I think it's pretty scary when it's so steep I try to look at my feet and not to far up or down. When you get to the top the view is pretty amazing and you can see all the cool and beautiful houses in Santa Monica and Palisades mountains by the coast. Some houses are pretty old but there are a few modern and really cool ones. One thing that I really like about walking in these stairs is the fresh air and breeze you get. Since the stairs are pretty close to the ocean it feels like the air is clean and gives extra energy. Usually it's pretty crowded during the weekend so that is why we almost never walk there on Saturdays or Sundays. This morning we shared the stairs with maybe a total of ten people which is not a lot at all at a spot like this.

We just got home and I'm about to make some breakfast, my new "porridge thing" is grits. A porridge made with some kind of corn, tastes ok and can be seasoned anyway you like.