Working those stairs

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We put the alarm at 7am this morning, got dressed, drank some water and then headed to Santa Monica stairs for the third time. The weather was amazing, the sun was already up and warm. This place is perfect to do your workout early in the morning with sun. You'll get shade while walking in the stairs and sunshine in between. Today we also increased our walk with an other round on the stairs, meaning walking up and down one of the stairs an additional time. At first I was hesitant because my legs were burning and I was exhausted. I suggested the we added walking down half a stair and then up again but we ended up going all the way down, walking over to the other stair and up again. I'm so happy that I brought water and put in the car, that was well needed afterwards.

When we got home I put on new shorts and we went to the grocery store and got some breakfast and bananas. I've already got some work done and uploaded some more photos to a newspaper article.

Daniels sister and boyfriend is here visiting with some friends and hopefully we will get to see them today. It's been so long since the last time, which was when I was in Sweden 1,5 years ago I think. Time flies! I can't wait to go back and see my family and friends.